Why Should You Buy ALCAR Capsules?

ALCAR Capsules

ALCAR capsules , also known as Acetyl-L- Carnitine is the acetylated version of the popular supplement for athletes

known as L-Carnitine. Taking ALCAR capsules is considered to be good for improving various functions in

the body such as, improving memory function and boosting neuroplasticity. The main mechanism of

ALCAR capsules is to get absorbed from the intestinal tract and into the bloodstream. But, what sets

ALCAR apart from the rest is that it can actually cross over the blood brain barrier and enter the central

nervous system where it functions as a precursor for the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.


ALCAR History


There has been some research that suggests that ALCAR capsules can be used as a treatment for

Parkinson’s disease. There has also been earlier research which suggests that ALCAR could be used as a

treatment for dementia, though those findings have not been substantiated in later research. In a single

case study that was carried out in 2015, and published in the Journal of the American Academy of

Audiology, it was found that the use of ALCAR capsules could also be used as a valuable pharmacological

option for the treatment of tinnitus.




There are many benefits of using ALCAR capsules because of its ability to influence a number of

cognitive processes within the brain. For example, improved focus and concentration, improves learning

capacity and enhances processes such as memory formation. ALCAR is a key nutrient that’s needed by

the body to stay healthy. It can also perform many physiological processes, such as the removal of waste

created by energy from within cells hence, hence also making it a strong antioxidant. The following are

some of the other benefits of using ALCAR capsules.

 Weight loss, boost metabolism

 Increases motivation

 Improves memory

 Improves alertness

 Promotes a good mood

 Boosts both mental and physical energy


ALCAR Side Effects


Most of the side effects that are associated with ALCAR capsules are mild in nature. The following are

some of the side effects you can expect when taking ALCAR.


 Abdominal cramps

 Headache

 Nausea

 Vomiting

 Increase in seizures for those that have epilepsy

 Interference with metabolism in the thyroid


ALCAR Dosing



The most commonly used dosage for ALCAR capsules is anywhere between 500 to 1,000 mg, which can

be administered at once or split between several equal doses throughout the day. To stay safe, it is

always better to begin with the lowest dose to find out how your body responds to the medication.

ALCAR capsules is a supplement that works better with Choline and other Nootropic supplements.

However, those who are using ALCAR capsules along with Choline, and experience headaches, should

stop taking Choline. If that doesn’t resolve the headaches, take a break from using ALCAR capsules for a

week at least and then slowly start back on again with a lowered dosage.

So, there you have it, this was some information that would help all those who want to use ALCAR get a

better idea of what the medication is about, and how they can benefit from using it.