Choline Capsules — What’s All the Buzz about?

Choline Capsules

Choline capsules are a great way to supply choline. Choline is crucial for the body and especially for students who study. This is because Choline can help maintain the structure of the cell’s membrane and can also control the transport of fat from the liver, while ensuring that the nervous system functions properly. While the human body can get body from Choline from other sources such as eggs and liver, many people rely on Choline capsules to get a harder kick of the substance for improved brain power.

Choline History

Choline as a compound was first isolated by Adolph Strecker in 1862, and was first chemically synthesized by Oscar Liebreich in 1865. In 1998, Choline was first classified as an essential nutrient by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine (USA). In 2010, a study on postmenopausal women found that young women should be given more Choline rich foods or supplements since the body requires more Choline during pregnancy, which helps support the development of the fetus’s nervous system. In research carried out in 2015, scientists found Choline treatment had a positive impact on those who experienced cognitive decline due to sickness or aging.

Choline Uses

Choline is widely used to maintain the integrity of cells, which also makes it the best treatment for certain liver conditions as well. Another function of Choline is to ensure that the neurons in the nervous system are properly maintained. But, one of the major reasons why Choline capsules are so widely used is because of it acts as a precursor to Acetylcholine, which is a neurochemical that is responsible for much of our intelligence and cognition. Which basically means, whenever a thought, logical conclusions or memory is formed in the brain, Choline plays a crucial part in their formation. Since a healthy amount of Choline is required for the human brain to function at optimum levels, people who have trouble with recalling important information or need a simple boost of brain power due to an exam, interview or presentation usually turn to Choline capsules to get that added advantage.
Rapid eye movement or R.E.M sleep is a critical phase in the sleep cycle where the brain solidifies memories that were formed throughout the day. During this period, a huge amount of acetylcholine in released in our brains that helps facilitate the process. Having a daily Choline supplement enhances the brain’s power to consolidate and solidify memories, and also makes it easier for us to recall those memories when needed.

While Choline capsules are used for improving certain brain functions such as, memory, cognition and learning, anecdotal reports suggest some users report improvement of the following symptoms of Choline deficiency:

Memory problems
Fatty liver
Kidney necrosis

It is estimated that nearly 80% of people in the world do not get enough Choline from their food sources, which is another good reason for taking Choline capsules.

Choline Side Effects

The use of Choline capsules is safe, but taking high doses that have not been recommended by the doctor will lead to side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, and excess sweating. When these symptoms occur, the users are advised to consult their doctor immediately. Special precautions are to be taken by women who are expecting.

Choline Dosage

In adult men, the daily dosage of Choline capsules is recommended at 550 mg, while women need to take 450 mg. Since the level of tolerance varies from person to person, Choline capsules should only be taken after consulting with your medical physician. For starters, a single Choline capsule of 250 mg is recommended to start the day off with, which can be increased to two capsules which is to be taken during meals.