Noopept Capsules: Unlock Your Inner Savant

Why Noopept Capsules?

Noopept is a peptide nootropic, hence the name. Noopept capsules are commonly used for the enhancement of cerebral functions and for its neuroprotective properties. While many people buy Noopept because widely considered to be 1000 times more potent than your average Nootropic supplement, it does not mean that you get a 1000 x mental boost, but rather that you need to take a much smaller dose as compared to other Nootropics in order to get the desired results.



Noopept History


Noopept is a Nootropic supplement that was first developed in the USSR during the Cold War era of the 1960s. It was basically discovered by a team of Russian scientists and researchers who were attempting to develop a prototype for Pramiracetam, another ‘smart drug’. Since then, it has been used as an effective brain enhancer and has been the subject of hundreds of studies in Russia, the US and Europe. The drug was patented in 1995, and is now commonly used in Russia and Europe as an oral supplement that can be bought without the need of a prescription. It has also made a positive impression worldwide for being nearly a thousand times better than any of its previous relatives, and is also thought to be capable of stimulating the development of more neurons in the brain than any other Nootropic medication.


Noopept Uses

Noopept capsules are mainly used by people who need to increase their levels of focus, enhance their function of logical thinking and improve their memory. This is why Noopept is widely used for an improved memory and memory recall.
Side Effects
At the moment, Noopept is not known for any adverse side effects. While some mild side effects may be experienced by people, that will only be due to them not sticking to the prescribed dose. Noopept is highly potent and is to be taken sparingly. If a user does experience side effects such as headaches or brain fog, a choline supplement is usually advised to relieve the symptoms.


Noopept Dosage

When it comes to Noopept capsules, the one thing users really need to keep in mind is not to have too much. Noopept is nearly a thousand times more potent than other Nootropics, which is why doctors usually recommend 10 to 20 mg of the supplement only once a day. Users of Noopept are also advised to always start with the smallest dose first so that it can have time to build up within a person’s system. Only once a user is familiar with the effectiveness of the medication should they increase the dosage.
Noopept can be used in capsule or powder form. If in powder form, the user is to put the Noopept powder under their tongue and leave it there for at least two minutes or as long as it takes to get absorbed. Users can wash their mouth with juice afterwards. In capsule form, Noopept is to be taken a half hour after taking choline.
When it comes to brain supplements, it really doesn’t get any better, potent or safer than Noopept capsules, and is recommended for all those who want to boost their memory and learning capabilities. It is also extremely cheap as compared to other Nootropic supplements.