Piracetam aniracetam choline

Piracetam aniracetam choline

When it comes to nootropics, many will tell you the more the merrier and that three’s company too. While you should always refer to a licensed medical professional when adding any supplement to your stack, there is some truth to this, particularly with the racetams. Stacking piracetam, aniracetam and choline together can be a balanced, winning combination.


When to stack them, how to stack them


“But don’t all racetams do the same thing?”

Can all the Baldwins act? Of course not (even though it doesn’t stop them from trying). The racetams are a family of compounds with some things in common, but each has its own unique character and identity.

While all racetams generally exert effects on acetylcholine metabolism, aniracetam is also an AMPAkine, effecting a totally different pathway. We can get into the technical description and outline how AMPAkines produce nootropic effects in another article, the important thing to recognize is that this activity comes along with aniracetam and not piracetam, making ani a great compliment to piracetam in your nootropic arsenal.

Aniracetam has also been demonstrated in studies to produce anxiolytic effects, another trait that sets it apart and makes it a worthy addition to your racetam stack. It’s nearly impossible to be optimally productive when you’re bogged down by anxiety,and this in particular has made aniracetam a long time favorite of nootropic veterans.

Adding a choline source to your racetam of choice is often not just beneficial but necessary. But what about when stacking more than one racetam?

The key is to find balance. Everyone’s natural chemistry is different, and while some people need little if any acetylcholine precursors at all, many will find that the more racetams they add to their stack, the more cdp choline, ALCAR or other precursors they’ll need to maintain equilibrium. If you’re adding aniracetam to your current racetam stack, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra choline at the ready. Choline is a key component when stacking piracetam and aniracetam

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