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The hottest healthcare trend right now is the use of brain enhancing supplements called Nootropics. These brain enhancing drugs are more commonly used to improve memory and cognitive functions and boost energy levels legally. Adrafinil capsules and nootropic supplements do this with little to no side effects or any risk of addiction after long term use of the Nootropic. In most cases they can be legally purchased in the US, along with many other countries around the world with ease.

By far, the best thing about using Nootropics is the fact that they make what was once thought to be science fiction a reality for those who have problems with their memory or focus. What’s even more interesting is that these Nootropics follow the brain’s natural processes that are already being employed by the brain in order to enhance one’s cognitive abilities as well as their mood.

Now let’s talk about Adrafinil capsules, which is considered by many users as the “Limitless drug” and having abilities that are similar to the fictional NZT 48, but without the negative side effects, thus making Adrafinil capsules perfect for those who are overstressed or overworked. Basically, Adrafinil is a Nootropic compound that is used to make a person more alert and attentive, while fighting sleepiness. Apart from that, taking Adrafinil also leads to improved memory, focus, and lower stress levels as well.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil

While most people think of Adrafinil and Modafinil as one and the same, Adrafinil is actually the by-product of Modafinil which is produced in the liver after the compound Modafinil goes through a chemical change. And while both of these substances are able to keep the user awake and improve their memory, most people buy Adrafinil because it is considered to be more effective.

History of Adrafinil

Adrafinil was first discovered by a French pharmaceutical company called Group Lafon in the 1970s. At the time, research was carried out on the drug using the name CRL-40028 and was sold under the product name of Olmifon, which was changed when the production discontinued by Cephalon, its manufacturer. Adrafinil was first used in Europe in 1986 by those who had various sleep disorders. Later on, Lafon developed Modafinil, which is the primary metabolite of Adrafinil. Currently, Adrafinil capsules are used in Canada and the United States as an unregulated substance. This also means that it can be imported privately by those who wish to buy Adrafinil.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

While the exact mechanism of the substance is not entirely known, it is thought to have a great influence on the dopamine receptors within the brain. Most users of Adrafinil capsules report that they feel more wakefulness, and as a result, are able to be more productive regardless of the time of day. Adrafinil capsules have also been considered as being useful for enhancing cognitive abilities as well, such as memory, focus, and enhanced mental endurance. As mentioned earlier, the exact mechanism of Adrafinil isn’t known mainly because its mechanism is considered to be more complicated as compared to other Nootropic supplements. So, what are the main ways in which Adrafinil can affect the brain that we know of?

Here it is important to point out that the liver produces Modafinil after Adrafinil goes through a chemical change. And since both Adrafinil and Modafinil have almost the same effects, we can determine the Adrafinil pathways by using the extensive research that has been done on Modafinil’s mechanism.

The main effects of Adrafinil revolves around helping to regulate various hormones, chemicals, and neurotransmitters, that in turn, have a positive effect on the brain’s functions. Many of the cognitive enhancing capabilities of Adrafinil comes from the substance’s ability to stimulate and bind to Glutamate receptors, which helps prevent the breakdown of neurotransmitters that play a key role in forming and recalling memories, apart from improving other cognitive processes. The use of Adrafinil capsules also helps to make Dopamine more effective. As you all know, Dopamine is the brain’s feel good chemical, and with more Dopamine circulating through the brain, a person’s mood is naturally improved.

Adrafinil is also thought to increase the production of Hypocretin, which is another very powerful neurotransmitter that helps in controlling a person’s biological clock. In other words, it controls when a person feels like falling asleep or staying awake. The increased levels of Hypocretin also leads to an increased production of Catecholamines, Histamine and other chemicals that are known to improve energy levels. Furthermore, the use of Adrafinil capsules has also been known to increase the production of Norepinephrine, which is very similar to an adrenaline rush and is also great when it comes to improving one’s focus.

Benefits of Adrafinil

The use of Adrafinil capsules provides two distinctive benefits. Firstly, users buy Adrafinil because it is a stimulant and is able to increase the energy levels of a user, along with improving their memory and stamina. This makes it a great option for those who have trouble sleeping, such as those people who are suffering from insomnia and narcolepsy. Adrafinil is also used by those people who work the graveyard shift or for prolonged periods of time. Students also use Adrafinil capsules when they need to stay up late during exam time. The second benefit of Adrafinil is that it is useful in making a person more productive and motivated as well, since Adrafinil stimulates the brain’s dopamine receptors.

It has also been noted that Adrafinil helps in the release of Serotonin, which helps in regulating a person’s sleeping patterns. And since it lessens Glutamate receptors within the brain, Adrafinil is also believed to be the key mechanism behind enhanced cognitive performance. Adrafinil also mimics the body’s fight or flight chemical response. While this function has not been completely understood by researchers, it does however aid in increasing the neurotransmitters that are utilized during that response.

Side Effects

While most Nootropic supplements are well tolerated by the body, and are also considered to be non-toxic, there are some side effects that users of Adrafinil capsules do experience. Most of which are due to using a higher dose than what was prescribed. This is why it is so important for users of Adrafinil to be well informed before they buy Adrafinil. The following are some of the most common side effects of using Adrafinil capsules;

  • Sleep issues
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Chest pain
  • Anxiety

It is also advised that individuals who have a heart condition should not take Adrafinil capsules, since it could increase the risk of developing heart complications. For this reason, you should only buy Adrafinil after consulting with your doctor first who will be in a better position to guide you through the whole process. Also, using Adrafinil for an extended period of time is also not recommended since it can cause some issues with the liver. This is due to the buildup of certain enzymes in the body. Those who use Adrafinil are also required to monitor their liver from time to time.


Long Term Side Effects

As for long term side effects, users of Adrafinil are highly unlikely to develop any of the dangerous side effects. In fact, long term users of Adrafinil have experienced the opposite, as in, they have gained long term cognitive benefits.


Since Adrafinil is a powerful supplement, users are advised to carefully consider the dosage they choose. This is due to the fact that many of the side effects that have been mentioned here are due to an overdose of Adrafinil. Because Adrafinil is such a concentrated drug, even a little can go a long way. This is exactly the reason why the recommended daily dosage of Adrafinil ranges between 150 and 300 mg. It would be wise to start with a lower dose and get a hang of it before moving on to a higher dosage so that its use does not have a negative effect on the body’s chemistry.

It is also advised to only increase the daily dose after a few weeks, once you have observed the changes that Adrafinil capsules are producing in your body. Whatever dose you choose, it should always be split over the course of two to three administrations per day, to make sure that you do not take it late at night or you might experience insomnia, since the primary goal of using Adrafinil capsules is to stay awake. As we mentioned earlier, you really should not be using this drug on an everyday basis due to the risk of possible side effects. The supplement works best when used only occasionally when you need the boost in order to perform tasks more productively.

Another Adrafinil dosing strategy is to consider using a cycle. Users should take Adrafinil for a couple of weeks and then take a short break between days so that the body is given time to rest and readjust itself. This technique will also keep Adrafinil as effective as possible in the body and prevent one from developing tolerance to the substance.

But, whatever Adrafinil dose you decide to use, make sure that you consult with your doctor first. Your physician will be in the perfect position to guide you while you use Adrafinil capsules or any other Nootropics for that matter. Adrafinil has a long half-life and causes anti-sleep effects, which is why it should only be taken when proper sleep is desired. And should not be used during sleep time since it will affect the body’s sleeping cycle and keep you from getting much needed rest.

Keeping this little fact in mind, users should not take Adrafinil capsules during the evening or in the afternoon, since it will impair their sleep cycle. It is recommended that you should take Adrafinil only three times a week, and should continue taking the supplement for not more than 5 months. While Adrafinil capsules were once used by athletes under the product name Olmifon for its stimulatory properties of alertness and wakefulness it is now considered as a banned substance in some sporting events, including the Olympics and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has also placed it on the banned substance list when it comes to sports. But, that being said, the use of Adrafinil capsules is not banned in most countries, on the contrary, it is widely used by people in many countries for its many amazing benefits.

Ending Note

Overall, the use of Adrafinil capsules can be seen as a safe and effective way of improving one’s cognitive abilities. The best part about using this supplement is that there is no use for a prescription in the US and other countries as well, such as, the UK, Canada, Australia and Mexico, making it the go-to supplement for all those who need a mental boost. That being said, all Nootropics should be used carefully and that goes for Adrafinil too. To stay safe and get the benefits of Adrafinil, it is advised that users start off with a lowered dose or 100 to 150 mg and slowly work their way up as needed. Users should never exceed a dose of more than 300 mg without the consultation of their physician since that could lead to some of the side effects mentioned above.

Keeping in mind the possible side effects that are involved when taking Adrafinil, such as, developing liver function issues, one should also consider using an on-off cycle to prevent tolerance of the substance. Those who are looking to use Adrafinil capsules for the long term should definitely consider taking it just a couple of days a week to avoid any side effects. Following these safety guidelines users should be able to buy Adrafinil and use this supplement in a healthy manner which can produce amazing benefits.


A eugeroic, also known as a wakefulness promoting agent, Adrafinil reduces fatigue and tiredness without many of the negative side effects of classical stimulants such as caffeine or amphetamines. Leave the jitters and distractibility in the dust; wake up your brain the right way.

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