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Why buy noopept? Noopept is highly regarded as one of the most popular Nootropic supplements that are available today. Reason being, this Nootropic has a very potent substance that while taken in a smaller dose offers the same benefits as other Racetam Nootropics. When it comes to smart drugs, Noopept capsules are really an incredible supplement that offers some impressive results in the form of improving cognitive abilities. Apart from that, many people buy noopept mainly because it offers great potential when it comes to treating the cognitive degenerative disease known as Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders. And while there is still much research to be done on Noopept for scientists to determine its actual effects on these mental illnesses, there are many who are convinced that the use of Noopept can significantly minimize the development of these and possibly other mental illnesses. Here we are going to talk about this amazing smart drug and what you need to know before you go ahead and buy noopept.

History of Noopept

Noopept is closely related to Piracetam and Aniracetam. That being said, it is important to remember that Noopept capsules are considered to be extremely potent. In fact, research suggests that Noopept can be as much as five thousand times more potent to Piracetam, which is the original Nootropic from which Noopept and other Nootropics have been derived. This gives you an idea of just how potent this particular Nootropic is, which is why it should only be taken in small doses.

Noopept is the brand name for this smart drug that was first developed back in the 1960s by a Russian Pharmaceutical company and by the 1970s, following the development of Piracetam by the USSR, Noopept capsules were also linked to boosting intellectual capabilities, much like Piracetam was doing for Russian astronauts. Even in its early days, GVS-111 or Noopept was considered to be at least one thousand times more effective than other Nootropics.

The name Noopept and its formula were both trademarked by a Russian pharmaceutical company called Pharmastandard JSC in the early 90s. The drug was also later patented in 1995 by the United States. However, the FDA does not approve of its use, and the European Medicines Agency also has not approved of its use as well. But, that hasn’t stopped people from using the drug because of its many positive effects on the user’s cognitive abilities. The only real difference between the Noopept that is sold in Russia and the United States is that Russian doctors perscribe the substance. That being said, it is legal to buy noopept in the US and is being sold as a supplement.

How Does Noopept Work?

Noopept is a peptide derived Nootropic that closely resembles the Racetam family with the only difference between it and other Nootropics being that Noopept does not have a 1-oxo-pyrrolidine skeleton. Noopept is one of the best performing Nootropics that is being sold in the market today, and its positive effects on the mind far exceeds other Nootropics such as Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Piracetam.

Since the mechanism of Noopept capsules are a lot similar to that of other Racetams it can be stacked with other Nootropics with ease. The Noopept capsules act by targeting the Acetylcholine system and mainly the AMPA and NDMA receptor sites in order to provide its many well known benefits. Once the drug is ingested by the user, it is quickly absorbed in the body via the GI tract. One of the reasons why many people prefer to take Noopept as compared to other Racetam Nootropics is that it wastes no time when it is administered and quickly crosses the blood brain barrier where it starts to take effect. Here the glutamate receptor sites are targeted first and where Noopept slowing the breakdown of Glutamate. Since efficient cognitive functions in the brain are directly linked to the level of Glutamate, Noopept is able to enhance cerebral capabilities significantly. Noopept is highly effective in boosting the system of the brain which is thought to be crucial when it comes to learning and other processes that require intelligence.

The drug is also highly effective when it comes to promoting the increase of oxygen levels in the brain which in turn, boosts clarity and enables a person to create strong memory, while enhancing their ability to recall those memories. Another main component of memory function in the brain is Glucose, which is directly linked to the brain’s energy levels. Users who take Noopept have noted a significance increase in brain energy levels that is linked to an increase in glucose metabolism caused by Noopept capsules. This significant boost in brain energy contributes a lot to the brain’s functions of clarity, focus and other cerebral capabilities that can only be carried out if the brain has an optimum amount of energy at its disposal.

Benefits of Noopept

There are many people who buy noopept and use it mainly because it offers some amazing benefits, the most common of them being that of improving brainpower. According to research, Noopept is incredible for improving information recall, focus, memory and even boosts learning skills. Its effects will mainly depend on an individual’s body chemistry, and because of that, its effects will vary from person to person. While some might experience subtle changes to their cerebral abilities, others might experience a significant boost in their memory and cognitive abilities after taking the same dose. This is why it is important for users to always ask their doctor about the right dose before they go ahead and buy noopept.

Noopept Benefits on Memory and Focus

Noopept works by connecting with specific neurotransmitters within the brain which are tasked with increasing a person’s learning and focus capabilities. This is also one of the major reasons why Noopept capsules are so widely used. According to a raft of research, Noopept capsules are able to significantly boost the overall performance of the brain which includes boosting the brain’s access, recovery and development.

Users of Noopept find it easier to remember and recall information after taking Noopept. This is because Noopept increases the level of Acetylcholine, which is a neurochemical that is used to send signals between neurons within the brain. This means that the brain is able to build more connections that in turn helps boost a person’s problem solving and reasoning capabilities.

This is why those who use Noopept capsules note increased levels of productivity, drive and motivation, while lowered levels of stress and anxiety. This is because Noopept is able to lower oxidative stress, which is an imbalance of free radicals within the brain and the body’s natural ability to detoxify its effects. In this way, Noopept works as an antioxidant. Apart from that there is also a significant amount of research that suggests that Noopept slows down cell deterioration, which is something that is found in older people who also suffer from cognitive problems.

Noopept as an Anti-Depressant

Noopept is also used for improving the brain in another way apart from helping users in recalling information. Noopept promotes the neural development between the left and right hand sides of the brain. Why this is significant is because both sides of the brain are responsible for specific functions and it is common knowledge that only one side of a person’s brain is dominant when compared to the other. It is often heard that those who are right handed tend to use the left hand side of their brain. This is also the side of the brain that happens to make people feel comfortable in social settings. According to research, the use of Noopept capsules can help boost communication by making you feel at ease when in uncomfortable social situations. This is one of the reasons why Noopept is also used as a stress reducing supplement or an anti-depressant.

Noopept and Other Benefits

While Noopept capsules are widely used as a brain booster in countries such as Russia it is also commonly prescribed for those patients who have other medical conditions as well. There are many studies that show that Noopept could be possibly effective for Alzheimer’s disease and a few other neuro degenerative disorders, including the possible prevention of some forms of amnesia. Using Noopept could also provide some benefits to the immune system and promote the overall health of a person.

Side Effects

As with all medications and even supplements, there are some side effects that a person should be aware of before they buy noopept. In this regard, using Noopept is no different than other using any other Nootropics. But, what sets Noopept capsules apart from the rest is that the side effects are only experienced if a person takes more than the recommended dose. As mentioned earlier, Noopept is very potent, which means the less used the better. That being said, the supplement has been marked as being safe by clinical trials so there’s nothing serious to worry about. As for the possible side effects, people who use Noopept usually experience certain side effects such as headaches, nausea and fatigue, but again, that’s only due to taking more than the recommended dosage that was prescribed by the doctor.


Noopept has to be treated with care when being taken for the first time. To make sure that you don’t experience any headaches it is a good idea to stack up with a Choline supplement before you buy Noopept. If the affects continue, the user can either discontinue taking Noopept for a while or they can also consult with their doctor to find a dosage that is better suited to their body chemistry.

When it comes to the exact dosage of Noopept, it is important for all first time users to begin with a small dose, which can then be slowly increased over time. The recommended dosage of Noopept capsules is 5 mg. This dosage can be taken by a person two or three times a day, and can be increased depending on how you feel. Those who have had some experience in taking Nootropics can start off with a dosage between 10 mg and 30 mg, which can be taken two to three times a day. However, the dosage should not exceed 60 mg as it may over stimulate the Glutamate receptors and cause complications.

It is important to stick to the dose that has been prescribed by your doctor. Beginners can use a Choline stack along with Noopept. Users can consult their doctor on more information on the stacking Noopept.


It is important to note that the practice of stacking first originated amongst athletes who were looking to gain an advantage by synergizing the pathways of multiple compounds. Stacking is the practice of taking two or more Nootropic supplements simultaneously to intensify their affects on the body and brain. Since Noopept is a very potent Nootropic as it is, there is not much need to stack it up with another Nootropic, except for a Choline supplement that will take care of the headaches. Noopept can be stacked together with Piracetam or Alpha GPC so that its effects can be enhanced. Since Piracetam works on a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine and Noopept capsules work on a neurotransmitter known as Glutamate, the combination of the two could result to dramatic improvements in one’s cognition, memory formation and their ability to perform computations. Another interesting stack is with Huperzine A and another Choline supplement. This further enhances the acetylcholine activity of Noopept since Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Buy Noopept

Wondering if you should buy noopept? Closely related to the Racetams, Noopept has the same benefits at a much lower dosage. Reported to be 1000x more potent than Piracetam, Noopept is a top-tier nootropic at a rock bottom price. Wake your brain up with this one, and you’ll see why it’s a long term favorite of experienced Nootropic users, find out why you should buy noopept today.


Many nootropic users look to Noopept with the hope of to increasing their focus and cognitive performance.


Various studies have documented Noopept’s effects on cognitive function and performance (



Many users report that they recall things faster and more fluidly while using Noopept.

Results vary for many users, some in subtle and more pronounced ways. Many find improvements in conversational fluency, quickness and sharpness of their thoughts and remarks, land greater ease in describing things in accurate detail.

Others may see some significant improvements when taking Noopept powder and are subsequently able to remember almost everything. The same goes for enhanced learning capacity.

Many users report higher energy levels as well as increased clarity. Some report alleviation of ‘brain fog’ or creative blocks as well. Along with the racetams, attention span and memory are generally thought to be improved while taking noopept. This makes noopept a favorite among students, professionals, athletes and anyone looking to improve mental clarity, energy and focus.

This increased productivity causes many users to experience less stress, anxiety, fatigue and other negative emotions. Noopept users often report higher levels of drive, motivation, focus, engagement and excitement while at work or performing.

Related to the racetams, Noopept is also recommended to be taken with along with a choline source or ALCAR. Always be sure to consult a licensed medical professional before starting any supplement or exercise routine including noopept.


Ending Note

Noopept is considered to be one of the most effective and potent Nootropic supplements that’s available in the market today. Noopept capsules have been found to significantly improve a person’s memory, focus, and concentration which helps people of all ages and from all walks of life who need the boost in brain power to carry out daily tasks in a more efficient manner. The best part about taking Noopept is that it does not lead to any harsh side effects as compared to other brain enhancers.

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