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All You Need To Know Before You Buy Phenylpiracetam Capsules

What are phenylpiracetam capsules? There are many people who look for ways to supplement their memory or increase their capacity for learning. Eating almonds or carrots are said to be beneficial for improving one’s memory and keeping a person sharp. But, apart from these old wives’ tales, there are other ways in which one can enhance their cognitive abilities even under trying circumstances. This is where the use of Nootropics comes in.

So, what are Nootropics? It is an umbrella term that is used for the classification of certain chemicals, some of which are naturally occurring that provide cognitive benefits for the human brain. Broadly speaking, Nootropics, such as Phenylpiracetam capsules are used to enhance cognitive function. Also known as “smart drugs” Nootropics can help increase one’s focus and energy levels, and improve an individual’s mood while lowering their levels of stress.

Those who feel physically and mentally drained often times lack the focus of completing certain tasks. Those who experience this may take a Nootropic such as Phenylpiracetam capsules as a stimulant in order to improve their physical and mental performance and be more productive, while also improving one’s mood.

History of Phenylpiracetam

Here’s a brief history before you go out and buy Phenylpiracetam.

Phenylpiracetam belongs to a class of substances known as Racetam Nootropics. While the original Racetam is called Piracetam, which was synthesized back in 1964 at the UCB, a Belgian pharmaceutical company by Corneliu E. Giurgea. Since then there have been a number of derivatives that have spawned from the original Nootropic, one of which is called Phenylpiracetam. A relatively new member of the Racetam Nootropics family, Phenylpiracetam was developed in the 1980s by Russian scientists funded by the government.

Research on the drug continued after the fall of the Soviet Union, and once developed, Phenylpiracetam was given by the Russian Government to Russian soldiers and astronauts under the brand name, ‘Carphedon’ to enhance their mental and physical performance. Later on, Phenylpiracetam was used as an over-the-counter prescription drug around the world. More and more research is being conducted on this particular Nootropic, and the substance continues to show some promising results.   

Don’t Confuse Phenylpiracetam Capsules with Piracetam

Piracetam, which is the original member of the Racetam family, is also considered to be the first Nootropic that was ever developed. While Phenylpiracetam is chemically similar to Piracetam, the former has additional properties that makes it differ from Piracetam. The most prominent difference between the two is that unlike Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam capsules have certain psycho-stimulatory properties.

Those of you who are Chemistry students will be aware of how a minute alteration in a molecular structure can bring about a very significant change to chemical properties. This is exactly the case with Phenylpiracetam capsules. Another property that separates the two is that Phenylpiracetam is effective at a far lesser dose. In fact, Phenylpiracetam’s chemical structure makes it 30 to 60 times more potent than the Nootropic Piracetam. Apart from that, the half life of Phenylpiracetam also appears to be lower than that of Piracetam, which is at 2.5 to 3 hours, as compared to 5 hours.

Unlike Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam can break the blood-brain barrier quite easily. This is mainly attributed to the addition of the Phenyl ring to the parent compound. However, both Nootropics have the ability to produce the same cognitive benefits, such as increasing learning capacity and improving memory and focus. On the other hand, with Phenylpiracetam capsules, the user also gets to feel better emotionally, since Phenylpiracetam helps drop stress levels.

How Does Phenylpiracetam Work?

There is a raft of information regarding Phenylpiracetam and its functionality. Studies suggest that Phenylpiracetam capsules act as a neuro-modulator by affecting crucial neuro-transmitters within the brain. The smart drug works by increasing the density of Acetycholine, NDMA Glutamate, Dopamine receptors and GABA-a, thus enhancing both stimulatory and psycho-stimulatory responses in the brain. Phenylpiracetam is able to bind itself with glutamate and acetylcholine receptors, which is what every Nootropic does. But, Phenylpiracetam goes a step further by crossing the blood-brain barrier to enhance the body’s natural production of GABA-a and Dopamine, which are two of body’s ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters.


Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

Much of the benefits that have been associated with the use of Phenylpiracetam has been linked with its Ampakine properties, which is basically a group of compounds that are characterized by the way they modulate the AMPA receptors. Also known as Eugeroics, these Ampakines make up a class of ‘Good arousal’ drugs which have positive effects of a stimulant without any of the negative effects that come along with it, such as dependence, addiction or sleep disruption that are usually associated with traditional stimulants.

One study also suggests that Phenylpiracetam has certain neuro-protective properties as well, which helps reduce the rate of cognitive decline. There have also been other studies that point out that the use of Phenylpiracetam capsules can also reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

People buy Phenylpiracetam because it has proven to be useful in a variety of lifestyles. For instance, students who are looking for a way to improve their focus and memory for their exam, truck drivers, airplane cabin crews and basically anyone who needs to stay awake for long periods. It is also used by business people who are looking for enhance cognitive abilities. Many people choose to buy Phenylpiracetam because it provides a smooth stimulating effect that is more preferred as compared to the affects of Piracetam.

Phenylpiracetam and Cognitive Abilities

While Phenylpiracetam is able to provide the same functions as Piracetam, such as, improving memory and learning capacity, and increasing one’s attention span and focus, it also provides the added advantage of making a person feel good by stimulating the body’s natural ‘feel good’ receptors, while lowering the levels of stress.

Phenylpiracetam and Sleep Deprivation

Those who are looking to improve their levels of focus and attention prefer to buy Phenylpiracetam because it can reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation, which is common in stimulants. Although the addition of a phenyl group makes Phenylpiracetam similar to a stimulant, users do not have to deal with side effects such as the inability to sleep.

Phenylpiracetam capsules make great supplements for those who need to boost their short-term energy levels, or for those times when you need a more natural solution than caffeine.

Phenylpiracetam and Athletes

Phenylpiracetam capsules have also proven to be a very effective supplement for athletes or performers who depend on their physical strength and stamina. Phenylpiracetam can reduce levels of fatigue in athletes, while increasing endurance levels. Because of its many benefits, Phenylpiracetam capsules are popular among body builders, however it has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for its cognitive and physically enhancing capabilities. Those who have to take part in intense physical activities and need to generate energy should definitely consider taking Phenylpiracetam capsules.

Phenylpiracetam is essentially a safe supplement that offers all of the benefits of a supplement without any of the side effects that are mostly associated with stimulants.

Side Effects

The best part of taking Phenylpiracetam is that despite its high rate of potency and other essential benefits, it does not have many side effects. That being said, the use of Phenylpiracetam capsules still need to be monitored in order to know when a change in dosage is required.

Although side effects are seldom reported by users of Phenylpiracetam capsules, one of the most commonly reported side effects is headaches, which can be easily treated by stacking Phenylpiracetam with Choline. These headaches are not caused by Phenylpiracetam itself but because of a diet that lacks Choline. It is important to note that the use of Phenylpiracetam or any other Nootropics for that matter requires a high level of Choline in the body, which one can get through a special diet plan or stacking the Phenylpiracetam capsules with Choline.

Apart from reports of headaches amongst users of Phenylpiracetam, some users could also feel insomnia, nausea or irritability. There’s also research that suggests the use of Phenylpiracetam does not go well with other drugs. Needless to say, Phenylpiracetam does have certain stimulating properties which does not make it ideal for those people who have heart conditions. Precautionary measures should also be taken by women who are expecting since the use of Nootropics could effect the development of the fetus. This is the main reason why it is so important for users to consult with their doctor of physician before they go and buy Phenylpiracetam.

For the most part, Phenylpiracetam is responsible for very side effects if any, and the supplement is generally well tolerated by the body.


Racetam Nootropics are known for their extremely bitter taste, which many people find unbearable. This is the reason why although available in powder form, users normally prefer to buy Phenylpiracetam capsules instead.

It is vital for any supplement or drug to be taken according to the recommended dosage to produce the desired effects and to minimize the chances of any adverse affects. The normal dosage of Phenylpiracetam is usually between 200mg to 600mg, but since it is considered to be more potent than its predecessor, Piracetam or any other of its derivatives, users are advised to take an initial dose of 100mg, which is to be taken two to three times a day, preferably with meals.

Phenylpiracetam’s chemical structure makes it 30 to 60 times more potent than Piracetam and has a high oral bioavailability, which means that Phenylpiracetam is active within an hour after ingestion. According to research, Phenylpiracetam capsules have a half life of five to six hours, which is quite long as compared to other Nootropics, making 100mg suitable to fulfill a person’s physical and cognitive needs. However, it is advised for a person to consult with their doctor before they go ahead and buy Phenylpiracetam. A doctor can evaluate a person’s condition and health background to determine the adequate dosage.

Research has also found that a person can develop tolerance if Phenylpiracetam is used on a constant basis. While the use of Phenylpiracetam capsules is not considered to be particularly addictive despite its low abuse liability, a tolerance to its psycho stimulatory effects could develop if the user is not careful. To make sure that doesn’t happen and to ensure the potency of the Phenylpiracetam dose, it is better to take it only when needed or on a two-days-on-two-days-off cycle in a week.

Phenylpiracetam and Stacking

Stacking is a normal strategy that is done to maximize the efficiency of a Nootropic’s potential and reap more positive effects, or to eliminate the chances of any possible side effects. Stacking Nootropics is also a good way of adding Choline, a macronutrient that is essential for optimum liver function, brain development, muscle movement and nerve function. In the body, Choline is present in the form of phosphatidycholine, which is a compound that’s the structural component of fat, and can also be found in fats. With the addition of Choline to the mix, one can prevent headaches, which is a side effect of using Nootropics. Other infrequent side effects of using Phenylpiracetam such as nausea irritability and insomnia can also be reduced by including Choline when stacking.


Phenylpiracetam Capsules

A popular form of the phenylpiracetam, phenylpiracetam capsules ( Phenotropil capsules ) are the top of the line when performance is a must. Capping phenylpiracetam ensures efficient delivery, with standard concentration and convenience. A derivative of piracetam, phenylpiracetam sports a phenyl group attached to the structure of the active molecule. This allows much lower dosages to be used, providing strong subjective effects unlike many racetams. Users often report sensations of drive and focus many folds stronger than other racetams.

Like all racetam nootropics, phenylpiracetam should always be paired with an acetylcholine precusor such as ALCAR or CDP choline. Reputedly more neuroprotective than piracetam, capped phenylpiracetam provides intense focus and stimulation without many of the side effects of classical stimulants.


Like many racetams, research into phenylpiracetam seems to indicate that it can mitigate many of the effects of acute as well as long term cognitive decline and dysfunction. Studies have focused more on the effects of phenylpiracetam over longer periods of time, with attention paid to cases of organic cognitive decline (dementia and Alzheimer’s) as opposed to episodic trauma.

Phenylpiracetam is a water-soluble compound and as such is most effective when taken on an empty stomach with water.

Reputed to be as much as forty times stronger than piracetam, phenylpiracetam is the rolls-royce of nootropics and a long time favorite of experienced nootropic users. Adding a phenyl isomer permits the molecule to more readily pass the blood brain barrier, giving it greater bio-availabity than many other racetams such as piracetam.

 At 250 mgs, our phenylpiracetam capsules should always be paired with a choline source.

Ending Note

What sets humans apart from other species is our thirst for improvement. It is important for users of Phenylpiracetam capsules to understand that the use of Nootropics such as Phenylpiracetam goes hand in hand with other self improvement measures. Phenylpiracetam is not a miracle medicine that will repair or enhance intellectual function or bring cerebral functions to its optimum level, but rather Phenylpiracetam should be used along with taking care of other areas of one’s life, such as having a balanced diet that comprises of equal portions of fruits, vegetables, poultry, whole grains, meat and fish. Also, having a consistent schedule when it comes to rest, workouts and keeping the body hydrated through a constant use of water during the day is also important. These are all ways in which a person can get the desired results they seek when using Nootropics such as Phenylpiracetam capsules.



If Aniracetam is the big brother to Piracetam, meet daddy. Phenylpiracetam capsules are top dog for a reason. Everything you love about the Racetams, with the volume cranked up to 30. Long live the King.


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