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Buy Pramiracetam Capsules To Clear Brain Fog and Be More Productive

Why buy Pramiracetam capsules? While the field of cosmetic psychopharmacology might still be in its infancy, its gaining ground fast among people of all ages. As researchers gain more knowledge of the amazing properties of these ‘smart drugs’ an imminent explosion of its use seems more than likely in our lifetime. While many people think of smart drugs as a part of science fiction or Hollywood movies, the truth is, they are more real than many might think them to be.

Racetams are considered to be the best smart drugs out there and are known for their widespread use in improving cognitive abilities. Out of all the Racetams that are available, one stands out as being more potent than the rest. Of course, we’re talking here about Pramiracetam capsules. Here’s some information you should know before you buy Pramiracetam.

History of Pramiracetam

Patented in 1978, Pramiracetam was first developed in the 1970s by scientists at Parke-Davis, a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Since then the drug has been approved for medical use and is also subscribed for several medical conditions, apart from general Nootropic purposes. Since Pramiracetam falls under neither food nor drug categories, it is legal to buy pramiracetam and use within the United States and other countries such as, Canada, the UK and Australia as well. While the entire list of pharmacological benefits are not yet known, more and more research is being carried out on Pramiracetam capsules.

How Does Pramiracetam Work?

Pramiracetam is considered to be one of the most potent Nootropics in the Racetam family, and works in the same fashion as other Racetam Nootropics. Once ingested, the substance is absorbed through the intestinal tract and is able to reach the bloodstream in around 30 minutes. Pramiracetam then crosses the blood-brain barrier and is able to bind with Acetylcholine receptor sites, making the substance more potent. Its ability to bond with the Acetylcholine receptor sites is a significant process since the neurotransmitter is mostly involved in much of the neuronal activity that goes on in the brain. When Pramiracetam reaches the Acetylcholine receptor sites it is able to modulate them so that it inhibits their desensitization. This in turn increases the levels of Acetylcholine in the brain, which consequently promotes synaptic plasticity and causes the formation of more neurons.

Benefits of Pramiracetam

The first benefit of Pramiracetam capsules is that it is a fat soluble substance, so users only need to take it once a day. And unlike other Nootropics that are water soluble, this also means that its effects last relatively longer, which also leads to less frequent dosage. Pramiracetam capsules are unique as in they are able to enhance purposeful and goal oriented behavior. In other words Pramiracetam capsules can be used increase levels of motivation apart from having other cognitive benefits.

Enhanced Sensory Perceptions

Enhanced sensory perception is another benefit that Pramiracetam is reported to induce. Users of Pramiracetam have noted vivid sensations of sight and sound. In terms of visuals, Pramiracetam users experience richer color contrasts. The amplification of sound is able to boost auditory learning capabilities.

Improved Mental Functioning

The current understanding of the field of neuroscience states that memories are represented by neurons and their connections with each other. When it comes to forming a memory, one of the most important functions of these neurons is to form what is known as “Long Term Potentiation.” This happens when two neurons are able to develop a stronger relationship by way of developing new synapses, which is the point at which a neuron sends a signal to another neuron.

The use of Pramiracetam capsules is able to aid in the formation of these all important synapses, which in turn, enables a person to recall more, and even speed up the process of their memory. Whenever a person has a new experience or learns something, that information remains in their working memory for around 48 hours after which it is converted into long-term memory. Pramiracetam helps boost the process of memory recall. That being said, while it is considered to be a potent substance, it does affect different people in different ways.

After about a week users report of improved memory, with effects of the change varying in degrees from person to person. This includes being able to recall minute details from conversations or remembering dreams more clearly. While others report a significant improvement in their ability to remember more information, which makes it a great choice for many students who choose to buy pramiracetam.

Better Alertness

Another exciting aspect of using Pramiracetam capsules is that it is also said to increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn leads to more oxygen uptake. Pramiracetam also increases glucose energy metabolism thus resulting to improved alertness and an overall improved cerebral performance. Its ability to improve mental energy is also said to promote the feeling of well being, which helps at reducing stress levels in the body, another reason many people choose to buy pramiracetam.

Other Possible Benefits

While most people buy Pramiracetam for its ability to stimulate the central nervous system, the substance is also being used throughout Europe for mental issues and other cognitive disorders, one of the most notable ones being, Alzheimer’s Disease. While there is no concrete proof of its effectiveness yet, there is some research being done on Pramiracetam and survivors of stroke and also people with Parkinson’s disease. Other issues that could be alleviated with Pramiracetam are ADHD and Dementia. As more and more research is being carried out on the amazing benefits of Pramiracetam capsules, there is a possibility of many other medical applications coming to light in the not so distant future.

Side Effects

What sets Pramiracetam apart from the rest is that it is considered to be neuro-protective, as in, being a low risk compound. In fact, all Racetam Nootropics are considered to be a lot less toxic than your average table salt on the LD-50 scale, which says a lot about how safe Pramiracetam capsules are. That being said, as with all medications and supplements, there are some side effects of using Piracetam, which are normally encountered by users and easily treated as well. As with the case with all Racetam Nootropics, one of the most common side effects that is reported amongst users is headaches.

The headaches have been linked to the body’s need for more Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that’s present in the brain. Luckily for users, there is a quick and easy fix to this minor problem by simply adding a Choline supplement to your daily dose. Since Choline acts as a precursor to Acetylcholine, that’s naturally produced in the body, using a supplement solves the problem.

Apart from the occasional headache, other side effects of using Pramiracetam capsules include fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. While these side effects are rarely documented, since Pramiracetam is well tolerated and non-toxic, the side effects are experienced whenever a user takes more than the recommended dose that has been prescribed by the doctor or medical professional. So, if you do experience any of these symptoms it is advised to try reducing the dosage that has been recommended. You can also consult with your doctor to re-evaluate your dosage so that you don’t experience any of the side effects before you buy pramiracetam.

By far, the best reason to buy Pramiracetam is that it is considered to be relatively safe as compared to other Nootropics. Also, as a cognitive enhancer, Pramiracetam is non-addictive and can be taken by a healthy adult without the need to worry about any unwanted side effects. There are also studies that have backed claims that the user of Pramiracetam capsules show no negative symptoms even after using the compound for over a year at the dosage that has been recommended. In fact, using Pramiracetam actually seems to help promote a better sense of well being.


While Nootropics usually require two to three doses that are to be taken after regular intervals daily, since Pramiracetam is considered to be almost thirty times more potent that other Nootropics, users only need to take it once per day to achieve the desired results. The usual dosage that is recommended when it comes to Pramiracetam capsules is between 20 to 400 mg. It can be either taken at once or broken into two or three doses per day or as prescribed by the doctor. Those who take Pramiracetam are not required to take any other Nootropic along with it except for Choline to treat the headaches.

It is extremely important for users not to exceed the recommended dosage of Pramiracetam as it would lead towards side effects.

Pramiracetam and Stacking

The practice of stacking involves taking two or more different Nootropics at the same time. The whole idea behind the practice of stacking is to enhance the affects of the Nootropics being taken. In this way users are able to synergize the use of Nootropics rather than just getting the additive benefits. Stacking Nootropics allows users to amplify the affects of the Nootropics being stacked to get more noticeable benefits.

Pramiracetam is a natural addition when it comes to stacking Nootropics. That’s because Pramiracetam is considered to be a potentiator, since it helps other types of Nootropics to be even more effective when they are taken separately. For this reason, stacking Pramiracetam capsules with any other Racetam Nootropic will see you getting immediate results. Although most just buy Pramiracetam and stack it with Choline since it is already considered to be very potent.

The reason why Pramiracetam capsules are usually stacked with a Choline supplement is because Choline offers two very important benefits to the user. First off, the addition of Choline is beneficial to the user since Choline is used to produce Acetylcholine, which is something that Nootropics require to be more effective. Keeping that in mind, Choline stacked with Pramiracetam is a basic way of being able to boost the activity within the brain, which results in enhanced analytical and reasoning skills.

Apart from that, the addition of Choline is also used along with Pramiracetam capsules to protect the user against headaches, which is one of the most common side effects of using Nootropics.

Ending Note

Before you buy Pramiracetam, also consider the fact that even despite there being a raft of research on its many benefits, it is impossible to determine exactly what kind of affect this Nootropic will have on a user. 

The compound is also considered to be extremely potent, so users are required to exercise control in order to get the most benefits. Even though there are no adverse side effects, starting off with a super strength racetam such as Pramiracetam is not recommended for starters. As a rule of thumb, those who want to use Nootropics to boost their brain power need to start off with something that is less potent and work their way up the ranks until they find the right Nootropics and dosage that suits their needs perfectly. In other words, it is important for users of Nootropics to know of the various effects of using these compounds before they go ahead and buy Pramiracetam, which is known to be at least 30 times more potent than other Nootropics.


Buy pramiracetam

A heavy-hitter in the Racetam class, Pramiracetam capsules are second only to Phenyl. But throw on the brakes, not being first doesn’t make you last with this seasoned underboss. Want something that brings home the bacon without Phenyl’s energy? Looking for a top-tier Racetam with class, and a more laid back vibe? Big purple’s got your back.


What are Pramiracetam capsules?


Being lipid soluble, pramiracetam is one of the most bioavailable of the racetams. Along with its relatively lengthy half life, many users ascribe its potency to this combination of qualities.


Not as well known as other racetams, pramiracetam capsules are a staple for many experienced nootropic users. Estimated at between eight and thirty times the potency of piracetam, pram yields similar effects at a much lower dosage. This makes it a sound choice in itself, as it is often cited as one of the most cost effective nootropics.

Despite being related, not all racetams are created equal. Considered to be a top tier nootropic because of it’s long half life and bioavailability, Pramiracetam is at the head of the class. Though aniracetam is likewise lipid-solube, a very short half life of only one to three hours leaves many users looking to pramiracetam capsules to see them through marathon work days and study sessions. With a half life of four to six hours, users can count on pramiracetam to carry them through the stretch.

Similar in many of its mechanisms to other racetams. such as cerebral oxygen availability and acetylcholine metabolism, pramiracetam is a solid choice for anyone looking to step their game up further, and graduate to a more potent racetam.


Being fat soluble, pramiracetam capsules are suggested to be taken along with meals. Effects of any substance are heavily dependent on a user’s individual metabolism and chemistry, between 400 and 600 mgs, 2-3 times daily is the standard dosage protocol. Pramiracetam capsules are recommended to be consumed along with a meal containing fats or oils.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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